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Folsom Trystack on RHEL

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try stack 发布了新的openstack folsom x86 zone

登录地址 https://x86.trystack.org/dashboard/

支持facebook 登录,但是好像需要先加到trystack group 里



Hi TryStack Users

Please take my apologies for delaying deploy x86 Zones. We are happy to announce new Folsom X86 zone.

http://trystack.org/ http://x86.trystack.org/dashboard/

One great news is Red Hat’s starts contributing, The cluster is now managed by Redhat and it is running on RHEL. Some people may think “Oh it’s Folsom version?”. No worries, Redhat has already started the planning to upgrade it to Grizzly!

The cluster has only 20 machines, so please use it kindly :) There are already 4713 members of the TryStack Facebook group, and 3627 requests to join. So if all of users start boot vm at same time, the cluster may get upset. We will check the status of the cluster, gradually adding new users for the clusters.

Best. Trystack admin team